About Us

Our Company

A Legacy of Critical Success

Since being founded, RSE Steel’s commitment to customers has helped us grow from humble beginnings into one of the top suppliers of critical materials in the world. Because, we boost an unmatched inventory of specialty metal products which we stock at two large, besides efficient locations with 40+ acres of inventory storage.

Delivering Assurance Daily

To serve customers with growing complex and demanding needs, we have dedicated ourselves to having the right people, quality, inventory, vendor relationships, locations, systems and capabilities to get the job done right.

Trust Across Industries and Continents

That’s why companies trust RSE Steel with their critical material needs in industries as diverse and demanding as global power generation, nuclear power generation, oil refining, gas and chemical, processing and military shipbuilding.

Project Management

Assurance At Every Step

Since the start of the commercial operations, the Company has been continuously witnessing a steady growth in all major areas such as, the production capacity, the customer-base and the revenue stream. This healthy growth trend has been the result of the Company’s continuous product and market development efforts, which has enabled the Company to attain a diversified clientele-both from the Public and the Private sectors. It is because of this reason, that today, RSE Steel has become a well-known steel manufacturer of Dubai

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